The creation of York Prep began with visionaries Ronald and Jayme Stewart in the late 1960s. The Stewarts envisioned a school that would provide students with every opportunity for both personal and academic growth. With this vision, the Stewarts developed a school with individualized learning programs, sports and extracurricular programs and community service programs. As a result, the educational environment at this prep school is engaging, challenging and well-rounded. Here is a list of some of the school’s operations and values:

-The school believes that students are motivated when they experience success. Based upon this philosophy, the school provides every opportunity for students to succeed.

-Small classes allow students to develop a connection with their teachers. A small setting encourages students to participate in the learning process. It also allows students to get the one-on-one help that they need.

-Students are accessed and placed in classes that are appropriate for their skill levels. By placing students in ability-level groups, academic success is optimized.

-The school’s curriculum integrates arts and technology in both the classroom and extracurricular activities.

-Good communication is encouraged among teachers, students and parents. Teacher-parent conferences are scheduled on a regular basis to evaluate progress and goals.

-Academic, emotional and social support services are provided to meet the individual needs of students.

-Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, music and drama clubs.

-The school has a mandatory community service program for all students. Through these programs, students experience real life, develop character and learn about the world.

-To ensure academic excellence, professional development courses are provided for faculty.

-The school assists in the college placement of all students. Each student can participate in the school’s college guidance program to explore options.

York Prep: Parents are Welcomed

The York Prep school views parents as extended members of the school’s community. To strengthen the sense of community among students, faculty, parents and administrators, parents are encouraged to join the Parent Association (PA) at York Preparatory School. The PA’s responsibilities include making families feel welcome at the school community. The PA publishes updates on the student directory to include families in every aspect of the school.

There are representatives of the PA for each grade level. Under the direction of these representatives, school initiatives and agendas are developed and implemented. There are also committees for special events and projects. The PA works closely with administration and faculty on projects that are outside the realm of academics. The PA sets up special events, such as career day, in which parents can volunteer and share their personal career stories.

The PA also organizes and sponsors holiday parties, fundraisers and other special events. The purpose of the PA is to foster a sense of community and fulfill the needs and interests of York Prep families. It is an association within the school that adds school spirit.

York Prep is a school that provides students with the best opportunity to succeed and provides parents the opportunity to be active in their children’s education. At York Prep, both students and parents engage in the learning process. York Prep is one of the best educational schools in New York.